passeio dentro de ti

nesta cidade, muito guarda-segredos e cantinhos rarefeitos. inacessíveis. na pele colada de balões e bailarinas..

....... so cmon cmon cmon cmon cmon
cmon cmon cmon with me now
cmon with me now

you´re pretty in the morning,
in the morning light
your hair all messed up
and your eyes open like
they open for the first time
and i wish this morning could last forever
you have left your secrets somewhere
and I have mine on the inside
don´t believe in soulmates
and in everlasting love
but i do believe that
after these rainy days
there´s bound to be some sun
drewling on the pillow
snoring in my ear
wish you´d never wake up
...cmon with me now